The First Group of large Cannabis Companies in Europe.

The Cluster, as a meeting point for companies, research centers and associations, connects and enhances networking and education in the cannabis sector.
Cannabis Hub is a solid community between companies, organizations and institutions all working together in a sustainable and socially committed ecosystem around Cannabis.


13th March 2024. Barcelona, Spain

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Main Members

What Cannabis Hub offers you


Online Cannabis Master with the University of Barcelona: go deeper with a complete course, designed by the best experts in the industry.
Boosts development and knowledge.


Work groups:
Navigate the regulatory complexities.
Education: Empower with knowledge and research.
Licensing: Streamline access and compliance.
Grants: secure financing and growth support.


CDays: Immerse yourself in our signature event, which aligns with the heart of the cannabis community.

General Assemblies: Meet with members to strategize, review and shape our collective journey.


Exclusive Database Access
Members access a rich database of companies within the HUB.
Easy Connections: Seamlessly connect with potential partners and peers.
Engage and Grow: Regular events to connect, learn and expand.

Master in Cannabis Online with the University of Barcelona.

The modules and classes of the Master Cannabis taught by experts and professionals from the best companies in the sector train students for the new opportunities in the cannabis sector.

  • With a double degree, from Cannabis HUB and UB.
  • Including an app to improve networking.


European Cannabis Hub

1 Master’s Degree

Spain’s number 1 University

19 Partners


56 Potential


Advantages of Cannabis Hub members at CDays

C-Days and CannabisTalks

13th March during Spannabis Week.

Exclusive stands of our companies.

Make your own Talk.

Networking with cannabis hub companies

After event party

Access the benefits of the Hub

Cannabis licences

Possibility to submit documentation for different cannabis licences.

Working groups

Access to the working groups by companies licensed by the AEMPS.


Possibility to create partnerships with companies with licences to develop projects.

Grant for our companies

Grant possibilities at different geographical levels.

Grant expert working

Access the team of grant expert working at the Cannabis Hub.

Grants you company

Find out about all the possible grants you company can apply for.

Major grants

Join the business group to apply for major grants.

Regional Grants

National Grants

European Grants

International authorized licenses

Create alliances between companies with licenses to develop projects.

creating europe’s first cooperative cannabis HUB

Joint our living lab for different projects between different cannabis authorized companie

Legislation and regulation

The experts involved in the draft legislation are already part of the Cannabis Hub.

Proposición de Ley

Proposición No de Ley.
Regulación del mercado del CBD en España

Proposición de Ley

“Frase de los Fundadores”​


“Nisl ac massa porttitor adipiscing.”​


“Tristiques sed odio nunc ut morbi.”​


“Tristique sed odio nunc ut morbi.”​


Cannabis Hub Members


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