Mysteries of cannabis and the innovations driving this fascinating field

ūüóď Mark your calendar for March 13th and be sure to visit our website to reserve your spot at the next¬†#CannabisTalk¬†ūüéę it’s absolutely ūüÜď

Join Markel San Nicolas Oruetxebarria , CTO of Sovereign Genetics, and Oier Aizpurua Olaizola as they unveil their groundbreaking research program in the cannabis industry.

ūüĒ¨ They explore the realms of¬†#breeding, terpene analysis, and tissue culture, all while maintaining an on-site laboratory. Ever wondered how hyperspectral imaging and machine learning are revolutionizing¬†#cannabis¬†science?

Thanks to Sovereign Genetics, along with¬†Valenveras,¬†Biobizz Worldwide SL,¬†Alberto Gal√°n Avila, Ph.D.¬†from Ploidy and genomics,¬†Purple City Genetics (PCG),¬†#PoloTecnol√≥gicodelC√°√Īamo,¬†FloraFlex Corporation, and¬†CTAEX – Centro Tecnol√≥gico Nacional Agroalimentario Extremadura¬†for creating a collaborative¬†#cannabislaboratory.

ūüĆŅ Watch the video to uncover the mysteries of cannabis and the innovations driving this fascinating field!

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