CDays, 3rd edition

Discover the Future of Cannabis in Cdays 2024.

This March 13, the Vèrtex Auditorium of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona will become the epicenter of the cannabis revolution, hosting the Cdays, an event that promises to be a milestone in the Barcelona’s Cannabis Week.

With an agenda designed to enlighten, educate and connect, this meeting is the benchmark event for all those interested in the future and present of cannabis.


Internationally Renowned Speakers

CannabisHub is proud to present CDays’24 with a panel of speakers who are true eminences in our field:

  • Jorge Cervantes, the cultivation guru whose innovative techniques have enlightened generations of growers, will share his knowledge in cannabis cultivation.
  • Steve DeAngelo, cannabis visionary and pioneer, will offer insights into the evolution of the cannabis industry and its global impact.
  • Òscar Parés of the ICEERS Foundation, will delve into the importance of evidence-based policies and harm reduction in cannabis use.
  • Araceli Manjón-Cabeza Olmeda, professor at the Complutense University of Madrid and drug policy expert, brings to Cdays a critical and academic perspective on the intersection between the international drug treaties and the current reality.
  • Viola Brugnatelli, a leading scientist at Cannabiscientia, will address the latest advances in research on the endocannabinoid system and its medical relevance.
  • Bernardo Soriano, known for his legal work in Spain at S&F Abogados, will discuss the challenges and opportunities of cannabis regulation.
  • Heidi Whitman is a key figure in the cannabis industry, standing out at KannaSwiss for her influence in developing the presence of women in a predominantly male market.
  • Congressist Alejandro Ocampo Giraldo, as a representative of the Colombian Congress and chairman of the Drug Commission, is an influential leader in the evolution of cannabis regulation in Latin America.
  • Nikita Cretu is at the forefront of connecting talent within the cannabis industry, being a key player in empowerment and innovation through the LUMINO organization.
  • Santiago Ongay of Full Canopy Holding is a pioneer in illuminating the therapeutic potential and applications of psilocybes, broadening the horizons beyond cannabis.
  • Morris Beegle of NOCO Hemp Expo is noted for his leadership in expanding the future of hemp, focusing on sustainability and innovation in the sector.
  • Núria Calzada, now at Kykeon Analytics, has been noted for her contribution to drug policy analysis and its practical application in reform strategy, always with the aim of promoting a responsible and evidence-based cannabis culture.

Lunch & Link: A Unique Opportunity to Connect.

Lunchtime at Cdays 2024 is not just a break to recharge, but a golden opportunity for networking. Under the concept of “Lunch & Link”, this space is designed so that participants can connect informally while enjoying a catering set up for the occasion.

It’s the perfect occasion to engage in meaningful conversations, exchange business cards and sow the seeds of future collaborations. In a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, you’ll be able to network with industry leaders, experts and cannabis enthusiasts, making the most of every minute of the event to build an invaluable network of contacts.

Roundtables at Cdays 2024:

Exploring the Horizons of Medical Cannabis.

Moderated by Iker Val from Sovereign Fields, the medical cannabis roundtable will bring together Pablo Sancho, an CEO at Medical Plants SL; Rob Smallman, from Curaleaf (the biggest cannabis company in the world; and Carola Pérez, who’s in direct contact with the medicinal cannabis regulators in Spain. This session will show the latest updates of the medicinal cannabis regulation in Spain

An In-Depth Analysis of Non-Psychoactive Cannabis.

Gabriela Sierra will lead the conversation on non-psychoactive cannabis, featuring Isidre Carballido of Cannactiva, Trenton Birch of Cheeba Cannabis Academy Sout Africa, and Giacomo Bulleri of Studio Legale Bulleri. Together, they will evaluate the regulation of the CBD market in Europe and the world and why still Spain is not regulating and the challenges we soffer by the lack of regulation and the benefits of ussing similar legal actions as Italy or Check republic.

Regulated Markets for Adult-Use: A Global Debate.

The roundtable on regulated markets for adult-use will feature Guillermo Fernández (S&F Abogados) as moderator, and the expertise of Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Inc from USA, Tim Bongartz of Cannavigia from Swiss and Kitty Chopaka an indepent thailand cannabis advicate and entrepreneur. They will discuss how different countries are approaching the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis, the challenges this presents, and the economic and social opportunities that arise.

Each of these roundtables will offer attendees enriching insights and perspectives, providing an essential forum for discussion to address the most pressing and exciting issues facing the cannabis world today.

Late Networking

Join us for an exclusive “Late Networking” event at the Saluka Restaurant, from 19:30 to 00:00, where the connections you’ve made throughout the Cdays can flourish in a relaxed and sophisticated setting. With an entrance fee of 30 euros, this evening offers a valuable opportunity for in-depth conversations with industry leaders, potential collaborators, and new friends, all while enjoying the ambiance of one of the city’s premier dining establishments.

Don’t miss this chance to strengthen your network within the cannabis community. Secure your spot for an evening of opportunity and connection.

Join the Change.

Cdays 2024 is not just an event; it is a movement towards a future where cannabis is understood, appreciated and regulated fairly and effectively. We invite you to be part of this historic journey, where together we can explore the depths and heights of cannabis’ potential. Secure your ticket and make a difference on the road to change.

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